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Litter Britain: clearing up our trunk roads and motorways

Travelling around the UK, I can’t help but notice the amount of litter on and around our trunk roads and motorways. Aside from being unsightly, dumped rubbish costs businesses and councils millions – and it looks like no-one's taking responsibility. I believe it’s necessary for us all to understand how problematic the issue really is, to take responsibility for it and to make active changes to solve it.

Violence, accountability and the BWV debate

Enforcement agents have been the subject of both new, restrictive legislation and increasing public pressure over our activity in recent years. And while we recognise the need for constant care and attention to how we conduct our business, I’ve become more and more concerned about an imbalance when it comes to violence against our agents. 

Positive policy pays with council tax support cases

As ministers discuss whether to allow local authorities to cover the rising cost of social care by increasing council tax, we at Dukes Bailiffs are considering the impact it'd have on councils' poorest residents. I've been thinking in particular about how to effectively recoup those small unpaid balances without unduly pressuring people who want to pay, but can’t afford to do so. 

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