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Body Worn Videos for all Dukes' Enforcement Agents

Over the last couple of months, we've been exploring the use of wearable body worn videos (BWV). 

After testing a variety of different BWVs, we can confirm that Dukes have rolled out Reveal 'Body Worn Cameras' to all of Agents. These cameras will be a valuable tool at Dukes,  supporting our agents in challenging situations and at the same time as building our customers' confidence. 

All footage recorded on BWV is subject to legal safeguards and guidance. The footage from the Reveal Body Camera is automatically uploaded to secure servers once the device has been docked, and flagged for use as evidence. Video not retained as evidence is automatically deleted within 31 days. 

To read 'Body-worn Video: the future of enforcement?' an article published by Colin Naylor, click this link.

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