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Forfeiting a commercial Lease - Costs of this service

The costs of forfeiting a commercial lease, also known as evicting a tenant or a “lock-out”, are payable by the commercial landlord and the commercial tenant.

Below is a break down costs required for this service and details of which party is liable to pay.

1. Forfeiting the lease and changing the locks

Cost: £350 (+VAT) plus the Locksmiths’ fee.
The average Locksmith cost is £150, but the price can depend on volume and the type of locks needing to be replaced. Upon request, we can provide a quote for the locksmith. Please note the cost will depend on the types of locks used and the number of locks on the property. 

Payable by Commercial Landlord

2. TORTS NOTICE: Removing the tenants goods from the commercial property

(Optional service)

  • Implementing a Torts Notice

We will list the tenants’ goods on the property and send the Notice to the tenants’ home address issuing them 14 days to call to arrange re-entry to the commercial property to obtain their goods.

Once the Notice period is up, we can remove any goods left by the tenant to clear the premise.

Cost: £95 (+VAT) per Enforcement Agent, per hour.

Payable by Commercial Landlord

  • Supervision of the Tenant’s re-entry to the property whilst they remove their goods. (optional service)

Cost: £95 (+VAT) per Enforcement Agent, per hour

Payable by Commercial Tenant

How to take action - Forfeiting the Commerical Lease

Our experienced enforcement team will begin the forfeiture within 24 hours of an instruction. What’s more, we’ll take the stress away by managing the entire process including changing the locks and clearing the premises.

To instruct Dukes today, download and complete our online ‘warrant to forfeit’ form.

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