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commercial rent arrears recovery

Warrant to Forfeiture - Costs payable


Costs and fees for this service are to be paid by both parties, depending on the type of recovery action taking place:



Changing the locks


Payable by the Landlord:

£350 (+VAT) for completing the lockout, in addition to the Locksmiths fee. This will depend on how many locks there are at the property and what types of locks need to be replaced. The average Locksmith cost is £150, but the price can depend on volume. To get a quote for the locksmith, please call 01785 825 519 to discuss the lock types and number of locks on your property. 

Torts notice 

Payable by the Landlord:

£95 (+VAT) for the implementation of the Torts Notice. This is a list of goods from the property that we would send to the tenants home address and allow them 14 days to call and arrange re-entry in order to obtain their goods.  

Clearing of the premises / removal of any goods left by the Tenant (after the Notice period) = £95 (+VAT) per Enforcement Agent, per hour.

Payable by the Tenant:

Supervisal of the removal of goods and re-entry by the Tenant. £95 (+VAT) per Enforcement Agent, per hour.

Please note that the Torts Notice is entirely your choice – if you would like to handle the tenant’s property yourself, you can do this.

To find out more information regarding warrant to forfeiture, please call our enforcement team on 01785 825 519.

Alternatively fill out an enquiry form on the contact us page.

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