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High Court Enforcement

If you have a debt of £600 or more you have the option to use High Court Enforcement to recover your debt, providing you have obtained a County Court Judgment.

Once a County Court Judgment has been obtained for a debt of £600 (or more), we can transfer the debt up to the High Court for further enforcement.

The ‘Transferring Up’ Process

As above, once you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) in place, we will transfer your judgment to the High Court for a nominal administration fee of £66. (This is payable by the debtor, see Costs section below).

We will process your instruction direct via Nick Todd.

Once the judgment has been transferred, (typically within 5- 21days) a Writ of Control is issued and the case will be passed to Dukes Bailiffs Limited to enforcement as High Court Enforcement Agents.

Costs of High Court Enforcement

In addition to the debt owed, all costs including court costs can be payable by the debtor. This includes:

  • The administration fee of £66 required to transfer the case up to the High Court

  • All court costs

  • Enforcement Fees 

What Our Clients Say:

Authority & Experience

In partnership with Shergroup, Dukes manage cases suitable for High Court Enforcement.

Dukes’ High Court Enforcement Agents are authorised by the Ministry of Justice Lord Chancellor’s department, to enforce all High Court Judgments and County Court Judgments, over £600.

All of our High Court Enforcement Agents are employed by Dukes. They have all undertaken the relevant training required for their role.

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