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Trespasser Removal / Traveller Eviction

When you discover trespassers or travellers who have established themselves on your land or property without your permission, you must act fast to reduce the impact of their encampment. 


Act Fast To Remove Trespassers

We provide a professional and competitive nationwide service, available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We specialise in covering the Midlands, aiming to be onsite at any one location within 3 hours from instruction traffic/distance dependant.

Our Enforcement Agents use negotiation skills that have been perfected over 25 years of experience; meaning 9 times out of 10, we evict travellers calmly, with minimal fuss. The Agents wear, as standard,  Reveal RS2-X2 BODY CAMERA's to record all actions on the ground for optimum safety for them and the travellers. Using this technology acts as a deterrent for violent behaviour, but it also excellent for capturing any illegal actions that may occur due to civil unrest when the eviction is in process.

This procedure is much easier & faster than going through the Courts for a Court Order to have them removed and is effective in over 99% of cases.

The Removal Process

Our experienced Enforcement Agents will attend the site within 48 hours of your instruction. Under The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 they will serve every caravan owner a legal notice to vacate your land with 24hours.

Similar legal notices will be posted in waterproof sleeves at every entrance and exit to the site. If the illegal occupiers do not vacate the site the Enforcement Agents will supervise a forced eviction. The local Police will be notified and requested to attend where necessary to ensure that there is no breach of the peace. All of our Agents will be equipped to physically remove vehicles from your land if necessary. 

Cleaning & Preventing Recurrence

Once your property is rightfully restored to you we can advise on and assist with the clean-up operation, which may include the removal of human waste or sharps and needles, whilst advising you on a range security measures including concrete barriers you can put in place to prevent a further illegal occupation of your property.

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