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Public Sector Debt Collection and Enforcement

Local Authority

With 25 years' of industry experience, Dukes Bailiffs specialise in enforcing and collecting a variety of debts including local taxation, road traffic debt, HBOP, sundry debt and corporate debt.


All recovery and enforcement processes are fully tailored to individual client requirements. Our methods are built on a professional, prompt, persistent and completely transparent approach, with a commitment to collection at compliance. Through our bespoke, performance reporting suite, Certus, we are able to monitor our service against the deadlines and specifications that we agree on contract commencement.


Dukes is the only enforcement company to invest directly in your customers through a dedicated customer website: Dukes Debt Online.

This platform, in addition to our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), provides a variety of free information about the enforcement/debt recovery process; it details our money management tips; it details free debt charities and it provides additional methods of communication via LiveChat and the free messaging service.

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