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At Dukes, we collect multiple types of debt, from Local Taxation and Road Traffic Enforcement, to Sundry and Corporate.



All recovery and enforcement processes are fully tailored to individual client requirements. Our methods are built on a professional, prompt, persistent and completely transparent approach, with a commitment to collection at compliance. Through our bespoke, performance reporting suite, Certus, we are able to monitor our service against the deadlines and specifications that we agree on contract commencement.


Intelligent reporting

Dukes are proud to introduce Certus, our proprietary reporting suite. Certus is an intelligent performance management solution completely unique to Dukes. We're the only debt collection agency to offer a completely transparent overview of your data, and our performance. 

The application dynamically pulls your data from our system, providing real-time, transparent, in-depth statistics and live analysis.  This allows us to produce ad hoc reports within 24 hours of request, giving you a full view of our processes and performance, as well analytics of your customer’s behaviour. 

For more information on our revolutionary reporting suite, download our factsheet or call us on 0844 880 9808.


We understand that each of your customers are different. That is why Dukes became the first company in the industry to invest directly in your customers through our dedicated website: Dukes Debt Online.

In addition to successfully increasing early collection rates, the site provides a variety of free information about the enforcement/debt recovery process, provides money management tips, and acts as an additional method of communication for your customers via our ‘LiveChat’ service. 

To see this platform in action, click here

We also provide a Facebook, and Twitter platform specifically for your clients, to act as an addition communication tool, and to share useful information.

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