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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery 




You should only keep your tenant if you’re confident that your tenant has got sufficient goods and funds to pay what you’re owed and you want to continue to do business with them.


Under the CRAR regulations we are bound to give your tenant 7 clear days’ notice before taking control of their goods. This is known as a “Notice of Enforcement”. This allows your tenant time to raise money to cover the arrears, before we start the process of removing any goods from the leased property.

Recovery process

We understand that tenants can’t always find the funds straight away, so as a general rule we provide your tenant 14 clear days’ notice before taking control of their goods.

If you would prefer us to stick to 7 days, no problem, just let us know when you get in touch.


Costs for this service

All costs for a warrant of control are payable by the debtor (your tenant).



How can I get the recovery started?

To instruct Dukes, please download our Warrant of control form.

For more information or advice please call our Enforcement team on 01785 825 519 or fill out a business enquiry form.

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